Hungry Shark

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Hungry Shark is a multiplayer underwater battle between frenzied sharks to show your fighting skills and gain the first position on the world leaderboard.

Going to this online game, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of exciting underwater experiences through a series of features about Hungry Shark World, Hungry Shark Game, and All Sharks In This Game. Let's start by immersing into this ocean world with tons of outstanding features!

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World allows you to join an online fighting environment created to give all players a new experience of an underwater world as well as an ultimate fighting combat. Built on realistic elements and inspired by many other online games, the gaming world here will feature outstanding underwater themes.

The Underwater Theme

The underwater theme stands out above all else as you can dive deep into the vast oceans like a brave fish. The underwater world will open for you to discover and enjoy a lot of vast and majestic landscapes of the ocean.

The first impression of this ocean theme is the vast blue of the sea. All other colors seem to be used only to adorn the blue of the sea and the sky. It creates an extremely beautiful and mesmerizing background. Coral reefs, schools of fish, and other marine life are colorful and ubiquitous. They create a real and impressive ocean. However, only players who have participated in this game know the horror behind this peaceful background. The battles between the angry sharks can always happen at any time.

Besides the outstanding theme, this Hungry Shark game also impresses all the players with the lively sound that is attached to each action of the matches. The background music for the game will always be playing, but it can change when unexpected developments occur such as battles, collisions, or explosions. In particular, you can listen to each bite of your shark or the cries of the victims. This change makes the game more attractive and engaging. This unique gaming world will be completely displayed right from the main screen after your first visit. After exploring and admiring that vast sea, let's officially proceed to the Hungry Shark Arena, where real battles are taking place.

Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena starts your battles between 15 to 20 players with two main factors about your character.

First, what you own is a fierce shark with the ability to fight underwater. Sharks are considered to be one of the most feared marine animals and no one can doubt their attack ability. In this online world, your shark character will also have similar characteristics. However, the potential of these sharks will be endless to conquer the vast oceans if you know how to exploit them. These sharks can fight continuously and fearlessly before any enemy. Two basic characteristics are a solid foundation to win every battle.

Second, let's pay attention to the challenges you will face in the Hungry Shark arena. The biggest challenge always comes from other players. They can attack and destroy you with one bite and a sad ending will come to you immediately. Other dangers also survive such as bombs, reefs, or dangerous poisons. Bombs will be placed anywhere on the map and they will explode with just one touch. Underground rocks are indispensable when going deep into the underwater world. The number of these rocks is numerous and they form narrow and dangerous passages for sharks to swim through.

The final danger is the dangerous green poison that surrounds the arena. A safe area is where you can move and protect the health of the shark. Entering the poison zone will cause your character to die over time. It will become more and more dangerous as the safe area will increasingly narrow the area and the poison is deep into the ocean. Faced with these challenges, do you have any helpful methods to deal with them? Mastering all details of Hungry Shark Game will give you a lot of benefits to solve these problems.

Hungry Shark Game

Hungry Shark Game always exists on our website for you to enjoy a competitive fighting game with lots of other players around the world. It will open you up to a hungry shark arena. Because it is a multiplayer battlefield, it will be extremely intense when you have to compete with other players. As long as you let your guard down for a few seconds, you can withdraw at any time. So, coming to this battlefield, what will you own and what will you face? Let's find out with the following details.

Gameplay Of Shark Battles

Gameplay of shark battles is an important element for you to gain victory. Like other action games, the gameplay of Hungry Shark also includes some main principles that require all players to follow.

This online game will take place match by match until a winner is found. To participate in a match, you just need to click the Play button on the main screen and the game will immediately take you to the battles. However, before a match starts, you need to wait for a sufficient number of players from 15 to 20. Once this requirement is met, the helicopters will drop the shark mutants into a common sea. This is the moment when the game officially begins.

In the matches, you need to follow a rule of survival: big fish eat small fish. Every living creature in this game can become food for your fish character as long as it is smaller than you. You will start as a small shark with size S. The food will help you increase from size S to size M and size L. The size will not stop increasing until the game is over thanks to the food. Your food items are sea creatures, humans, and loot after killing a player. These foods will give you different values depending on the size of the food. According to the playing experience, the loot from killing other sharks will be the most valuable to increase in size. Therefore, the sharks may frantically attack each other for a chance to dominate the map. And you? Do you want to participate in these battles?

Controls Of Hungry Shark

Controls of Hungry Shark are extremely simple when all you need to do is to use your mouse. You can decide your drop time by clicking on the screen within the time allowed. After falling, drag to move during matches. This drag allows you to move not only underwater but also in the sky. Besides, if you want to fast-forward and attack, you just need to press the right mouse button to activate the ability.

In particular, the control method is important from the moment you start falling from the helicopter. You can create the first advantage for your character from the start of falling from the helicopter. It is better to fall earlier than the opponents and choose another shark-less sea. You are free to forage and upgrade yourself before entering the battle. It is like a method of ensuring your safety while you are still a small fish. Besides, watch out for the birds in the sky. You can also eat them while falling by using your control way. In addition to mastering moving, you can get many advantages if you follow these helpful tips for the battles below to increase your win rate.

Helpful Tips For The Battles

Helpful tips for the battles give you battle methods before going into a match with your shark. They will give you more advantage because you can grasp the useful features of the match before other players.

In the initial stage of Hungry Shark, you should avoid useless matches because they mostly only bring you disadvantages. Only join the battles when your shark has enough strength and size to destroy other players.

Another good strategy is to move to the bottom of the ocean and avoid coming to the surface. Floating on the water will slow your movement speed. On the contrary, being underwater always gives you more mobility advantages. In particular, the seabed area is always the most resource-rich area. When a shark is killed, it leaves behind loot like treasure shells. These items will gradually fall to the bottom of the ocean. If you are in that lucky area, you can get a lot of good food without participating in any battles. However, other fish will also often feed in this area, so you need to be very careful.

Finally, don't forget to stay away from bombs and narrow rocks. When you explode bombs or collide with rocks, your shark will be stunned and deactivated for a short time. This is a dangerous moment when enemies can take advantage of it and attack you. It is quite easy to avoid collision by observing carefully. The bombs are quite large and the rocks will always have an X signal when you get close if they are narrower than your body. Heed those warnings and stay out of danger.

Winning And Gaining Loot

Winning and gaining loot is always the ultimate goal of all players. To win, you need to meet one requirement: become the last shark left in each match. Each match will take place in a survival mode where there are only the living and the dead. Each kill of an enemy will draw you closer to victory. Conversely, if the enemies successfully attack you, you will have two options: revive by watching ads or restart with a new battle.

After each match, the first item you get is coins. The number of coins will correspond to your achieved achievements. These collected coins will bring you a lot of value. Your shark can level up according to the coins you earn and this level will be shown above your name on the main screen. Besides, the coin is also useful to unlock different species of sharks. Each fish species will have different fighting abilities depending on their selling price. You can follow the details of all sharks in this game in the next section.

Another goal of the players is to get high on the Hungry Shark leaderboard. A ranking is always updated with two main parts: Territory and Worldwide by daily, weekly, or all time. The ranking position will be based on the number of points you win after the matches and, of course, the wins will bring you a higher score. Tracking this leaderboard provides not only information about your position but also the positions of other players. Currently, the highest score belongs to Guest2657 with more than 1 billion points, a huge number. Can you become the next talented player to beat this achievement and rise to the top of the leaderboard?

All Sharks In This Game

All sharks in this game will be shown in the Shop section where you can follow the list and how to unlock them. When you visit this Hungry Shark section, you can see the name, fighting ability, and illustration of your current shark on the left side. Each type of shark will have 3 fighting abilities based on 3 factors: Speed, Dash Range, and Dash Rate. These factors will determine your mobility as well as the range of your attack. Therefore, the sharks with these high stats will give you more benefits.

To the right of the Shop section, the list of all sharks will be divided into 3 parts: Brawler, Hunter, and Charger. Like the name of each section, the sharks of that section will also have their own characteristics. For example, the Hunter sharks usually have fast movement speed while the ability to attack is the strength of the sharks of the Charger family. In contrast to the above two types, the Brawler sharks will have a balance between speed and attack ability. With this variety, the Hungry Shark game can satisfy every need of all players.

To unlock the sharks, you have two main methods: watch ads or use coins. The number of ads and the number of coins will also not be the same for each character. It can range from 1 to 8 ads and from 100 to 20,000 coins. Besides, some special sharks like Kaolinlamna, Ninja, or Unicorn only allow you to unlock by unlocking in Crown Road or unlocking in Daily Reward.