Tiny Fishing

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About Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing is an addictive entertaining fishing game. Use your skills to catch a variety of fish to accumulate lots of coins and upgrade to new levels.

Game release date

This is a fun game released in December 2020.

Main developer of the game

The game is developed by Mad Buffer.

Description of the game

Do you enjoy playing games that include fishing? You can drop fishing and catch some fish by playing in your browser. You will have the opportunity to fish at various depths across the vast ocean that you will explore in this game. Due to its unusual entertainment, fishing has long been considered one of the most enjoyable methods for players to relax and blow off steam. Always remember that you need to unlock and improve your hook to catch more and better fish.

Learn the mission of the game

All you need to complete a level is to move the hook in a left-to-right motion, you will find that the gameplay seems simple. First, you should consider the number of fish the hook can successfully hook and the maximum depth the hook can travel.

A standard hook can only hold three fish at a time, limiting the number of potential catches. You will need to invest in a better hook if you want this number to grow. Also, the deeper your hook sinks, the greater the number and size of expensive fish you catch. This is useful information for your next fishing trip.

Each fish you catch has its own value, you will have a lot of money if you catch rare fish. You have the option of upgrading to one of these three monetization engines as illustrated by the following:

  • Total number of fish you caught.
  • How far can you drop the fishing line?
  • Cash received.

Remind for you

Catching more fish is not always a good thing in all situations. Raising your maximum depth gives you access to a wider variety of rare marine animals. When fishing in deeper waters, try to catch more important and valuable marine life. You can earn even if the game is closed if you play offline.

Advice that can assist you in catching more fish

The most efficient approach to increase the amount of money you have inside the game is to spend money. Put part of that money on upgrading your fishing rod after you've worked so hard to get it. If you get a more advanced fishing pole, you will be able to reel in more fish of a higher quality. You may use your coins to perform activities even if you do not have access to the internet.

One of the many appealing aspects of Tiny Fishing is the opportunity to earn cash even when the game is not being played online. You may continue to make money with this feature even while you are not actively participating in any online games. This implies that in the event that you get worn out from playing, you have the option to take a rest while still continuing to collect rewards.

The aquarium is where you'll find some of the best catches in this mining site. You can get coins from the Aquarium by going to the top right of the screen, clicking the fish tank-like icon, then clicking the fish.

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Control The Game

You can catch as many fish as you can by clicking and sliding the hook left or right.