Fish Eat Fish

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About Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish is an action game among fish. To survive, you need to eat small fish; avoid big fish. When you're old enough, attack different types of fish.

Do you love ocean fish? What experience do you enjoy most when playing games related to lovely fish? This is a completely new game and has dramatic gameplay because you will participate in the battle for survival to become the strongest and biggest. If you don't, you will also be eliminated by other fish. Are you confident in your ability to fight and survive?

Indiesoft, a video game developer based in Belarus, is the company behind the development of the Fish Eat Fish game. This game, a prime example of undersea conflict, can be played online on a variety of sites. Otherwise, you can use our web browser to play. This game is available to you, you should start now! Don't waste time, join and become the king of fish in Fish Eat Fish now!

Your target

You will have the opportunity to explore the ocean environment from the very beginning in the game. This area is home to many different types of aquatic animals. After going through the transformation into a fish, you will need to eat other fish of a lower size to maintain your current growth rate. As you level up, you will be able to kill more fish of different sizes by catching more fish. You should stay away from larger fish as they will most likely take your life if they come into contact with you.

Play with many other players

You can play Fish Eat Fish on your own, or challenge up to two other players in the game's local multiplayer mode. The winner is the player standing last. You have to eat other fish to survive and grow strong. The bigger your fish size, the more gem jewels you get. Exchange gems for goods. Rebuild the reef after the shark attack.

Other suggestions

I know you have many options to play many other games. I am grateful that you choose our site to play entertaining games. So we can't let you down, we send you a reference game if you want to play some more games that are hungry shark where you can also participate in the survival battle between fishes in the ocean. Leave us a review of the games you've played!

Main function

  • Amazing creative and colorful cartoon graphics
  • The game has a variety of sea animals involved
  • Join the fight for survival
  • Redeem gem rewards
  • Rebuild the reef by buying different plants and objects from the Shop
  • Multiplayer version
  • Customizable fish colors
  • Up to three players can be played
  • Dramatic, engaging gameplay

How to play the game

In the game you can play for 3 players.

  • Player 1: Use arrow keys
  • Player 2: Use the WASD
  • Player 3: Use Mouse

Touch Control is compatible with any web browser and any mobile platform. Wish you have a great experience!