Happy Fishing

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Introducing Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing is a simple and easy-to-play fishing game. Your task in this game is to catch as many fish as possible while avoiding the dangers of fishing.

Do you love to explore everything under the ocean? Fishing is a great experience that everyone has experienced, but fishing in the ocean is perhaps few people experience! Now you have come to the kingdom of the ocean where you will have a chance to show your skills as a skilled fisherman. This time you will join us in the wonderful game called Happy Fishing, the game will give you fun as the name implies, so it is something you should not miss. Hit the start button now and enjoy this one-of-a-kind fun!

Release date

The game ships on January 6, 2021.

Reviews of the game

This is a fun game that we appreciate for its gameplay and selected through the positive comments of players. The game is suitable for all participants regardless of age because of its simple and attractive gameplay. In addition, the game's graphics are also an important factor that makes many people love it so much. That's why you should experience it at least once right here and you can also play this game with your friends. We hope that you will have a great experience in this game. Have fun!

Use your skills to fish

In the context of this game, you will play the role of a fisherman living on the coast, and the immediate task is to catch as many fish as possible. Its mechanism of action is not difficult to understand at all, extremely easy to understand and simple. The game will be for those who have good patience. Just drop the hook and wait patiently for the fish to get caught on the rod.

Avoid some dangers

However, there will be a challenge for you that is underwater there will be some danger, due to some explosives in the water, in everyone's best interest should be very careful. If your hook touches the bomb, it will trigger the detonation mechanism. You now have three hooks tucked away in your storage space.

How to earn a lot of money?

It is not possible to win if you have used up all your hooks. In addition, the amount that can be earned from different types of fish varies greatly. Therefore, if you want to earn as much money as possible, you should go after the bigger fish. Try fishing and see how far you can go on the leaderboard by catching the most fish in this game.

Main function

  • Interesting, beautiful cartoon characters.
  • Fresh graphics and animations.
  • Avoid some underwater dangers that are bombs.
  • Earn money by fishing lots of fish.
  • Fun, addictive gameplay.

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How to play

You need to use the mouse to play, tap the screen to release the hook and start fishing.