Stabfish 2

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Description of the game Stabfish 2

Stabfish 2 is a fighting game. To protect yourself, you need to participate in the multiplayer war and eat other fish to become the strongest fish.

We want to welcome you to the exciting and chaotic world of Stabfish 2, and we hope you enjoy your time here! If you thought the first chapter of Stabfish was enjoyable, then you'll really enjoy the second installment of the series. The gameplay of the first Stabfish game was pretty weird. However, Stabfish 2 gameplay adds a lot of extra mechanics that allow you to tailor your approach, which makes the gameplay that much more special.

Learn specific tasks in Stabfish 2

You will arrive on the planet Stabfish 2 along with hundreds of other players from various locations around the world. This vast ocean is home to many different species of fish, each of which has a certain role.

In Stabfish 2, you will control one of these characters and it is your responsibility to guide that character's development. By using the joystick, you can be sure that your fish are swimming in the direction you want them to go. Examine the content and manner of steam on the screen with great concentration. You will need to find fish that are weaker than you to attack them. You can do this by finding smaller fish. As a result, you successfully kill the fish, you will get experience points, and both your strength and size will increase as you complete the game.

Many modes of support for players

In multiplayer mode, you will face players from all over the world and will need to win in order to progress. Show off your pro swimming and acrobatic abilities to defeat the toughest enemies.

  • The game features various gameplay elements, including physical fencing, multiplayer and team play, crafting, treasure hunting, and more.
  • Armageddon Mode: There will be no room for new players to join this mode and the Armageddon event will take place once every hour. Test your skills if you want to be the only player standing at the end of the game!

Your shark options

Blue Shark, Great White Shark, and Megaladon are three different types of sharks that exist. The ability to improve varies and is included with each upgraded shark. You can gain access to them by achieving important goals.

Beware of your enemies

The gameplay in Stabfish 2 moves at a fast pace. Your opponent can slash you in much less time. Be quick to avoid being hit by your opponent's blows. When you stab an enemy shark, they will get trapped in your tusks if they get close enough. This will cause them to be discarded and will cause the food to be spilled for you to refill.

Collect coins and upgrade

Gaining levels and cash lets you unlock cool features and enhance the game's aesthetic. Develop your skills to the point where you can dominate the leaderboards and become a fearsome force on the water.

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Game Instructions

  • On PC: The mouse is how you will control your fish, and clicking the left or right button on the mouse will activate different powers for your fish.
  • In the mode when you play with the touch screen, you will control your fish with the D-Pad and you will activate skills by pressing the Skill Button.