Temple Run 2

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Description of the game

Temple Run 2 is a game of running away from monsters through many different paths. You need to overcome all obstacles to not be caught by monsters.

Are you ready to join the run in Temple Run 2? Run away by chasing monsters, on your way avoiding all obstacles like tunnels, traps and cliffs. At the start of Temple Run 2, you are immediately put into the role of an ancient temple explorer. During the trip, this intrepid traveler accidentally stole a statue of a god. The demons guarding the temple were furious about this. It is your responsibility to get this adventurer to a safe distance as quickly as possible.

Goals and skills

It is imperative that you stay as far away from the demons as possible while avoiding their capture. Through the use of pre-equipped skills, such as scaling cliffs and flames, sliding into rivers, and slithering under tree branches. You can also use swings, which will get you to the end of the track faster and keep you safe from the devil while you're doing so.

Character selection

You can choose from many characters in Temple Run 2, each with their own special skills and talents. And along the way, you need to gobble up as much gold as possible if you want to be able to level up your character or switch to a new character.

  • Avoid all obstacles
  • Fire trap
  • Bridge collapse
  • Rotary blade
  • Tunnel
  • Cliff

Game mode and item unlock

You'll also be able to play the game in a variety of game modes, and there will be quests for you to complete to unlock additional things or characters. The game publisher will not only allow you to experience the game for yourself, but will also provide a scoreboard so that players can compare their results with other players.

Collect money

In addition to running and avoiding dangerous traps, you will need to collect gold along the way to replenish energy. When you press the spacebar, the energy will be activated for you to use.

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Game control

To move in this game you can use the arrow keys or the AWSD key.