Mini Moto Speed Race

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About Mini Moto Speed Race

Mini Moto Speed Race is an online driving game where you can race with other players. Control your mini moto to overcome all challenges and opponents.

We are so glad you were here. This is a fun racing game with life threatening stunts and weapon attacks. Your goal is to win by reaching the finish line before your opponent and surpassing them with skillful maneuvers. Win the exciting motocross race by outperforming your rivals and show your power.

With 3D animated objects you have to avoid various dangers and try to attack different AI racers. You can buy new motorcycles and weapons at the shop after accumulating enough diamonds. I'm glad you'll complete the extra levels and buy your fancy goods.

Participants in this action-packed competition show off their ability and agility as they make their way through tough races filled with twists, turns and dangers. The game allows the driver to show agility and accuracy despite exceeding the allowed speed thanks to its compact size and flexible handling.

Remember that riders may have access to a variety of weapons that can be used to knock other competitors out of the race. After you have overtaken your opponent, all you need to do is attack him to make him fly off the track.

How to play

The Mini Moto Speed Race game can be played on mobile devices such as Android phones, iphones and tablets, in addition to your own computer. You can start playing with YOUR MOUSE or by tapping the screen.