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About Stabfish.io

Stabfish.io is an addictive fighting game. Control your fish to move and fight against other fish that are trying to attack you. Don't lose your life too soon!

In this fast-paced video game, you control a deadly sea fish with a tusk attached to its head and use it to slaughter its enemies. Power ups and points will be given to you when you consume food. When attacking other fish from the side or behind, you can kill them. As soon as the fish dies, you will see an increase in the length of the tusks. If you wait until your tusk grows to an appropriate length, you will be able to strike with more force.

How to improve your score

Consuming food will help you to increase your strength and points. Eliminate threats from other fish by attacking them from behind and from the side. Your tusk length will increase with each fish you successfully kill. Once your tusks reach the proper length, you'll feel more confident in combat.

In this game, the more fish you kill, the higher your total score. These fish carcasses will be used as decorations in your home so that you often have to face the fact that you are an evil and deadly person.

Upgrade your fish

In Stabfish, it is possible to purchase several improvements for different fish species. You will be able to interact with additional aquatic animals, such as orcas and hammerhead sharks, if you successfully complete the main quests. If the player successfully obtains this skin, they will receive a perk to their gameplay, such as an enhanced kill bonus.

Weapon Upgrade

Ivory serves as the starting piece for each player and they are distributed to them at the start of the game. Once you've upgraded your ivory to level 4, you'll have the option to convert it to a trident instead of using it as ivory. When it comes to modernizing chainsaws and saw blades, you should approach the problem from the same point of view to get the best results.

How to control Stabfish.io

  • To control your fish, use the computer mouse. Click the + symbol and hold it down to receive more.
  • Use the D-pad on your mobile device to control your fish and start the game. Acceleration is possible by pressing and holding the button again.

Some notes to play

  • In this game, if you stab someone or if you get stabbed, you will perish very rapidly.
  • Get some food in your system so your energy can be replenished!
  • Consuming food and eliminating enemies will lead to an increase in the total number of points you own.
  • Your weapon length will increase in proportion to your progress in the game.

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