3 Mice

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About 3 Mices

3 Mice is an addictive game with simple gameplay. The game requires you to have good skills to help the mice move through different platforms.

This game, developed by Functu, has a game that is not too complicated but very attractive. The goal of this skill game is to release three mice by directing them down a series of platforms in such a way that they can run away. You have been tasked with finding three mice, who act as the main character of the game and also the people you need to support.

Your target

In this game, your task is quite simple, help 3 mice go as far as possible, they always go together and keep up with each other. Don't lose a single member of them. You can then use the boxes to collect mice because if you lose one of them you lose the game. Also, with moving platforms you need to be smart because if you make a mistake you will fall down, or fall on a dangerous pedestal.

Raise points and collect money

Each move further your points will increase and try to earn different bonuses that can give you some benefits along the way. The lives of 3 mice depend on you!

Everyone can experience all the challenging levels on our site for free and now start the dramatic adventure of these 3 adorable little mice! I am sure you will love this game after the first play because its gameplay is simple and fun, please share it with your friends.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move your character.