A Mountain Of Art

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A Mountain Of Art is a game with simple, fun gameplay. Get in the car, control your car to move, and collect paint buckets of the same color as your car. Playing the video game A Mountain Of Art is a great time for everyone. You should start by jumping inside the car, and once inside you should start moving it left and right to be able to collect buckets of the same paint color as the car.

This is an online game that is a recent addition to the online game genre made by Three Da Bean. While playing the game, children are encouraged to learn about the many aspects of the art world while having fun with the game. An amusement park set right in the middle of the highlands is the perfect place to take your friends on a thrilling tour through the mountains.

In the first mini-game, called Painting in Winter, you have to make contact with three separate lanes before you can move your car from one lane to the next. This is necessary for you to progress in the game. Then, to get points and fill up the left progress bar, you need to collect paint buckets of the same color as your car, while avoiding the paint buckets that don't match your car's color.

You have the ability to collect any color you want using just like Drawing Among the Pines. However, you must be careful to avoid the white painted barrels because you won't need them and they will slow down your advancement. You will finish the game by playing the hardest level of the game, called Jungle Collage. In this iteration, all the previously separate elements have been combined into a quick sketching and decorating game.

Game control

Use your mouse to make your selections and clicks.