Block The Pig

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About Block The Pig

Block The Pig is super fun game for you and can be played by anyone. Join the game as an adorable pig, to win use bricks to build and block pigs.

This is an engaging puzzle and skill game in which you must use the blocks at your disposal to corner a pig. The difficulty of the game increases as you go through more rounds. Be very careful, because if you let the pig escape, the game will start over and you will have to start over.

Your mission in the game

To prevent the pigs from escaping, you'll need to build a hexagonal rock maze. Your task is to build a fence around the pig to prevent it from escaping. Simply clicking on a tile will install a block in that position. Continue placing blocks until completely around the pig. It must not be exposed to any edge tiles.

After the first three blocks are positioned, add a fourth block after the pig completes its movement. Be prepared in advance, as it gets harder to win as the game goes on. You only have one mission, that is to prevent the pig from escaping!

Level of the game

In each new level, the blocks will be arranged in a different pattern, making it difficult to stop the adorable piggy from falling off the screen before reaching the bottom.

A hint when playing

  • It is likely that the pig will use the first three exits, so your goal is to block them.
  • If the stones have been placed too far and there is too much space in between them, adding your stones between the already placed stones will at least complicate the pig's path.
  • You should try to build 'corridors' no wider than a stone to stop them (depending on which direction the pig chooses to go forward).

How to play

Use mouse to play then click on tiles to place a block.