Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle

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Learn the game Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle

Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle start your intense battle. Take on the mysterious challenge and make consecutive attacks on the animals that are attacking you.

Happy if you play and love our Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle game. A game with tons of new challenges that you may not have experienced before. Start participating in fierce attack and defend yourself. Are you ready? Start this war now!

A legend that has been passed down since the last century. The popularity of Yokai spirits is growing rapidly and the company intends to eventually rule every corner of the world. These ghosts are ready to eat human souls. Your pursuer is Yokai. Let's wipe out each of them!

Now you are aware of why you need to defeat them in battle. Assassinate them or they will massacre you and the rest of your party. Take advantage of combos, specialized weapons, punches and kicks in your battles. To get rid of them, you should do everything it takes. Determine who your opponent is before you start fighting. Each rival company offers a unique product or service. You can track your current health on the health bar.

  • Oh monster
  • Bakeneko (CAT)
  • Tsuchigumo and JorĊgumo (spider)
  • Inugami (dog)
  • Tanuki (Panda dog)
  • Kitsune (Fox)
  • Hebi (snake)
  • Mujina (Badger)

This game will give you interesting challenges and above all, the thrill of participating. You can invite your friends to play, and follow us for more fun games.

Control Game

Use the mouse and use the arrows to change the direction of the attack