Brave Baby Escape

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Brave Baby Escape is a game with attractive 3D graphics. Join and save your character from danger. Think about how to save him from the evil woman. To be the strongest warrior possible, this baby needs your help in the game Brave Baby Escape. There is a threat to a guy's life. The elderly Sorcerer has been captured by nefarious creatures and evil forces. You, and only you, are the one who can control the little witch to power up and defeat your enemies. Now is the time to stand up and rebel! You have no choice but to destroy the sinister castle and stop the evil magic.

You will visit a castle inhabited by ghostly creatures, and from this point on, nothing positive can happen to it. You have a very important journey to take, but to restore peace to the world, you must first help the old witch.

Complete the quest in the game

The goal is to get to the old man while avoiding the villains. Due to the fact that they have magic, this will not be a simple task. Use mouse or touch control to exercise parental supervision over your children. It is important for you to collect the keys necessary to turn the newborn into a powerful witch.

Keep your distance from the wanderers. They are tracking the people outside to the castle so they can arrest them. Use your power to put an end to the snake woman's deceitful ways. Find a way to save the guy, then move on to the next level. Prove to them who the real enemy is today!

Outstanding Features

  • Enjoy the game with exciting gameplay and sharp 3D graphics
  • Complete different challenges
  • Avoid some obstacles that stand in your way

How to control the game

You can play this game with mouse or touch controls on your device.