Buttons And Scissors

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About Buttons And Scissors

Buttons And Scissors is a fun and simple game for everyone. Use scissors to cut colorful buttons, cut buttons of the same color and complete multiple levels.

Your ability to think strategically and find solutions to problems will be tested as you play this tricky puzzle game. The goal of the game is very simple that using a pair of scissors you have to remove the nodes from the grid filled with different colored buttons. The limitation that you can only clamp buttons close together and of the same color is a downside of using this method.

The game is sure to entertain logic puzzle fans of all ages for hours thanks to its user-friendly interface and engaging gameplay. This game can benefit you no matter you are a casual player looking for a quick mind game or a puzzle enthusiast looking for a tough experience. In this exciting new game of the classic puzzle genre, you'll need to sharpen your scissors and get ready to unlock the multicolored grid.

Different levels

The puzzles become more difficult as you go through the different level stages of the game and solving them successfully requires careful planning and logical thinking. If you want to avoid getting stuck and design the route as efficiently as possible, you'll need to carefully evaluate the sequence in which you cut the nodes. Each level presents a different challenge, and since you have a limited number of moves and different button combinations to choose from, you'll find excitement and enjoyment throughout the game.

How to play

To play, you can use the mouse.