City Idle Tycoon

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City Idle Tycoon is a fun business simulation game. Become the owner of a building and you will earn a lot of money to expand your business model. In the game City Idle Tycoon, do you think you have the necessary qualities to become a real estate tycoon? You will earn money in the field, which will allow you to buy all the structures in the city.

Do not hesitate to join the game City Idle Tycoon if you want to make this dream come true. You will feel the feeling of being a rich real estate developer here. You will build and grow your business model from scratch. To be able to buy property anywhere in the city, you need to save up a considerable amount of money. This won't be an easy road, but if you keep going and don't give up, you'll get there eventually.

Become a business tycoon in the city

In this game you will start your career from the very beginning. Your house is the only asset you start with in the game, so plan accordingly. You will get 50 coins every 5 seconds if you stay at this residence. The price of the house you buy after this one will be a dollar and a cent higher than the one before it.

The price of the tank will continue to increase until you pay 3,500 coins to buy the last house in the city. Your adventure to become a real estate tycoon will continue in a new city after you have bought all the houses in the previous city. This new city will allow you to continue your journey.

Game controls: Left click the control button to collect coins and spend them on a new island.