Cuphead Rush

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About Cuphead Rush

Cuphead Rush is an experience game. Help Cuphead and Mugman because they are in danger. Help your character overcome the obstacles and collect every star.

Join the game with two main characters named Cuphead and Mugman. They are brothers who live a contented life on Inkwell Island. Once, two young men happened to go to the Devil's casino and try their luck there. They had a winning streak in a row, prompting the Devil to offer them a bet. If they fail, the Devil will take possession of their souls, but if they succeed, they will jointly own the entire casino. And sadly, this time luck was not on your side, both of you. Due to losing the bet, the two had to bow to the Devil's mercy and in return, they were tasked with finding others who owed the Devil money in order to get their souls back. Cuphead is a one-of-a-kind video game that challenges players to have a lot of patience and quick reflexes.

As the player, all you have to do is guide your chosen character through the game by helping him avoid obstacles and earn stars as he advances on his own. At the beginning of the game, you will have the opportunity to choose the character you want to play, then you will begin your journey through the strange forest, which is full of surprises at every corner.

Accumulate stars to create new characters and do your best to avoid any difficulties along the way. Can you run for that long? Cuphead Rush gives you a chance to surpass your previous score and set a new high score record.

How to control

You can start the level by clicking or tapping the screen.