Drift Cup Racing

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Drift Cup Racing needs you to control the car on every track, competing with other cars to win. Try to collect coins to unlock more interesting cars.

Take part in the most exciting 3D drift tournament out there. Show off your driving skills on a variety of tracks, whether on snow, mud or runway, and compete to be the first to the finish line. The car was accelerating at an alarmingly steep angle and was ready to react quickly. If you want to win and bring home the championship trophy, you need to have a good start against your opponents. You need to adjust as best you can to maintain a stable, safe speed for the vehicle.

Use skills to collect coins

You can earn money by winning races, avoiding obstacles and speeding up quickly using Nitro. You can upgrade your vehicle collection and unlock six special drift racing cars with the money you earn while driving. Each of these cars has its own set of handling qualities that set it apart from the others. Can you win against your opponent and take home the prize or will you be eliminated from the competition?

Avoid obstacles when driving

Not only do you have to avoid encountering other opponents on the track, but you also have to avoid hitting obstacles. Depending on the track, you may encounter patches of ice or puddles of oil. Both of these factors will temporarily make it much more difficult for a skidding car to get back on the road.

Speed control

It is possible to scatter the color streaks that appear on the track in the shape of an arrow throughout the route. Acceleration is the key to keeping your car moving at breakneck speeds when moving forward. Be very careful not to hit any walls right now.

How to control the car?

The AD keys can be used to control the vehicle. Smoothly navigate turns by staying close to their center of gravity. In addition, you can control the steering wheel by using the left and right arrows.