Drive Monster

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About Drive Monster

Drive Monster is a fun game that challenges your driving skills. Your task is to control the car to move to its destination through different levels. This is a very interesting truck stunt game with blocky graphics, and the goal of the game is to pass all the crazy levels as fast as possible. While trying to reach the finish line, you will have to overcome some amazing ramps and jump over many obstacles.

In addition to racing on previously used tracks from Drive Mad, we're also improving racing on brand new tracks with brand new roads and brand new hazards to avoid in the game. Play Drive Monster. However, there will be a pickup truck corresponding to each track. Road speed bumps are also included in the package. There will be plenty of surprises in the form of hazards and pitfalls, such as gaps, bridges, and platforms that require extreme vertical jumps. You don't need anything more advanced than touching the keyboard to successfully control the car.

If you land incorrectly after jumping, your truck will be damaged, and it can also be paralyzed if you fall and break. However, nothing is insurmountable if you have a bit of speed and skill that you have, confidently move your car. Get ready to speed up, slow down and take on challenges so that everything goes well.

How can I play Drive Monster?

  • You can continue by pressing the W, D, X or Up Arrow, Right Arrow and Press keys simultaneously.
  • To take a step back, press the S, A, Z or Down arrow and Left arrow keys simultaneously.