Duck Life Treasure Hunt

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Duck Life Treasure Hunt is a really engaging and thought-provoking adventure game. Get ready to go on this treasure and cave adventure with this adorable duck.

This brand new adventure game is the latest in a series that has become quite popular. On the other hand, the new experience you get in this game is not the same as the one you used to have, so you may have something a little different to experience. To start, select the features of the duck that you want to see in your image. You have the ability to adjust the duck's eyes, feathers, patterns and colors. As you complete the game and earn more points, you'll unlock more customization abilities. You can also choose a hat and shirt, then you can choose your name to complete this section.

Before starting your journey in the cave, you have the option to go to the shop, modify the options or even buy more items. Before starting your journey into the caves, you first have the option to play a few rounds of one of the many mini-games available in the arcade mode.

Some features and how to play Duck Life Treasure Hunt

  • The switch is activated by gravity.
  • Take precautions to avoid injury from ducks and other things that may fall or drift towards you.
  • The classic Whack-a-Shooter game, but set in outer space and includes swimming bubbles and bandits.
  • After you complete your journey through the cave, you should return to town to check how far you have come. Since it has wings, you can fly with the duck if you touch and hold it. You can trigger the power-ups by pressing Q and E, and you should be very careful to avoid spikes at the bottom and top of the screen. Then remove all the obstacles and traps and try to collect as many coins as possible.

Specific instructions: Use the Q and E keys and use your mouse.

Basic Features

  • A frantic storyline with lovable main characters and supporting cast.
  • You will have to sprint, jump and fly through the cave.
  • There are about two hundred adorable cute outfits available for you to dress up your duck.
  • Upgrading your duck grants you access to more powerful items and more experience.
  • There are more than 20 adorable dogs to choose from and of course, each dog can be improved upon.
  • You won't be the only competitor. Ducks from all over the world will also be there.