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About Sigmally

Sigmally is a multiplayer game. Control a square in the middle eat small colors to grow and become the strongest player and top the leaderboard.

The gameplay in this game is both simple and entertaining, contributing to the overall appeal and popularity of the game. Just submit your name and you will be able to start playing with a large number of other players on our site in no time.

You sustain your life by controlling a circle represented by a blob in a universe filled with tiny blobs and by consuming the energy generated by other germs. This gives you nutrition. The next step is for you to evolve and survive as a spotter while being manipulated by other players so that you can eventually become the scariest looking specimen imaginable.

To sustain yourself, you will have to devour small balls of different colors and sizes. However, once you have reached a certain size threshold, you will be able to consume other players to experience even faster growth. You have to go through the squares while at the same time striving to prevent your opponent from removing you from the game. You can do this by avoiding larger players, directing part of your block towards them to deal damage, and splitting into smaller bubbles to increase your speed. Alternatively, you can deal more damage to players by shooting a piece of your block at them.

Game control

The fact that the default controls in sigmally are so simple to work with is a major contributor to the software's immense popularity. To break it up into easier-to-handle sections, simply point your mouse in the right direction and then press the space bar.