Funny Shooter

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About Funny Shooter

Funny Shooter turns you around with the fierce shooting war. Fight and take down with all the opponents in the game and dodge their onslaught to stay alive.

Join a game that features a series of intense battles between you and several other players. Although the forces are not balanced, you must fight to the best of your ability to win. This first-person shooter is set in an underground military complex controlled by the villain. However, to win, you must first have a good understanding of the rules of the game.

Requirements in battle

In the Funny Shooter game, your opponent will come pretty close to you and keep trying to shoot you. Your goal is to survive all these attacks and eliminate your enemies before they can harm you. It may be easy at first, but after entering the official battle, you will find that there are many other players to compete. They will protect you in your absence. They can even launch weapons from the castle to kill you.

Weapon Upgrade

You will only be able to buy guns for the current level. When you level up higher, you will no longer be able to use this weapon. You have access to two main types of weapons, which are automatic weapons and pistols. Both of these classes are equipped with important weapons, which are seen on the main screen.

How to play

  • Mouse = Look Around
  • Use the WASD key = Movement
  • Press W + Shift = Run
  • Press Spacebar = Jump
  • Left click = Shoot
  • Right click = Target
  • Use F key = Knife Attack 1
  • Using the Q key = Flying Knife Strike 2
  • Use G key = Throw Grenades
  • Use the E key = Remove/Remove Weapon