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About Gunblood

Gunblood is an entertaining and exciting action game. In which the player must perfect his marksmanship with a shotgun or risk being shot. Be careful!

This western shooting game is developed by Wolf Games and the only players who will succeed are the ones with the fastest trigger finger. Fighting each other with guns on the street is a method by which people in the West try to resolve disagreements and conflicts. In this video game, you have the chance to pit yourself against nine merciless Cowboys in a bloody battle to the death.

Before hovering over the bin displayed at the bottom of the screen, you must first wait until the countdown from three to zero shows. When you have the shotgun in hand, enemies that try to kill you will be killed by it instead. Your fire speed and your accuracy will determine how many points you get.

This online shooting game is one of the most challenging I have ever played. You can only fire six rounds of your Revolver at a time because it only has multiple chambers. Not only are you required to count them, but you also need to count them quickly. Because your enemies will terminate you immediately. During breaks between duels, you and your helper can work on your goals by practicing with knives, bottles, or even birds. You can improve your score by taking down as many enemies as you can.

How to play Gunblood?

You need to use mouse to play.