Jewel Dash

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About Jewel Dash

Jewel Dash is a fun puzzle game. It is necessary to match three gems of the same type to remove them from the board in the game. You have to remove all the gems.

Rules to play

To progress further in this mind game, you'll need to match a minimum of three gems in a row to level up. This is a simple yet very fun game that can be played online. The puzzle game takes place in a wet cave and it has a large number of brightly colored gems scattered around. In a similar way to other matching games, your goal is to quickly link three gems of the same type together. You have the ability to create any three-dimensional form of your choice using the stones that you have available.

This is a video game that can be played online and it has a large number of different stages. Your current level, as well as your score and the amount of time left on the clock, are all shown to you on the screen. If you wait too long, the game will highlight the gems on its own, giving you the option to choose which one to spin. You'll be able to gauge whether you got a respectable score on today's work after you've submitted your score.

How to play Jewel Dash?

To play, you will need to use the mouse. Find and click the gems so you have at least three of the same color in a row and sprint as you pass the levels. Each level becomes more and more difficult but the combinations are getting bigger and bigger. Find gems and form quick combos to increase your chances of winning big. Because each game is unique, you will need to pay attention if you want to win and go to the next level. You can always locate the button to restart the game if you get stuck. Pay attention to the diamonds of the same color and you will be able to click your way to a successful result.