Jump Ball

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About Jump Ball

Jump Ball is an engaging 3D ball drop game. The player must navigate around the spinning spiral levels by smashing and bouncing to the finish line.

Welcome to our exciting game called Jump Ball. This is a game that seems familiar to many players because of its simple gameplay. The game revolves around the task of dropping the ball and you need to find a way to help it reach the finish line, showing your skills through different levels of the game. Are you ready to do this?

Your ball acts like a brick and pierces some colored backgrounds in its path, but if it collides with a red platform, the game is over and you lose forcing you to catch Top back the fall from the top of the screen. However, the game has a very simple gameplay, so you will quickly get used to the gameplay of this game the first time you join.

Note that when you drop the ball, your ball will go through the spiral of different colors and you need to be careful not to move into the red bar where there is a minus sign for your number of balls. Let's move the ball into the boxes of other colors with a plus sign to increase your number of balls. Each level of play will not last too long and your score will be added up after each level of play.

How to play the game

You can use your mouse to play this game, rotate the ball around the spiral to reach the finish line.