LA Shark

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About LA Shark

LA Shark is a simple, fun, and addictive online game. You will control the shark to attack people, grow stronger, and avoid all attacks from humans.

It is generally known that sharks are one of the most dangerous and voracious marine predators. This claim has been supported by a number of studies. In the process of playing La Shark game today, you will get acquainted with one of them, and you will control this shark, which will give you the responsibility to assist it in finding a variety of prey.

Your shark will run along the shore, which is a great spot if you're near popular beaches where it will be. To maintain control of the shark as it moves across the ocean floor to its prey and then attacks it, you'll need to demonstrate a good level of dexterity and skill. Each person swallowed by the shark will not only contribute to its size and strength, but also give the player a specific score. You can also play and compete with other players.

In Los Angeles, there is always a chance to see a shark. Sharks' appetites are never satisfied, and they will seek out humans. The giant shark is on a rampage, and in the hunt for blood, it plans to destroy everyone present at the beach. Its goal is to fill its hungry mouth. To help our giant shark attack humanity!

Reviews of the game

This is an interesting online game that not all players know about. LA Shark has great graphics that will make players easily immersed in it. In addition, you will enjoy some ear-catching sounds when making a collision, which will stimulate you when playing. LA Shark with many new features when playing will quickly conquer all players in a short time.

How to attack

On the beach, on the water or even under the water, there are human presence. And the shark you control wants to attack humans. To attack you can gain momentum with great depth when diving and surging up to cause collisions with boats carrying people. When you attack hard, it will cause a big explosion and you will get the same number of points as the number of people you can attack. Your score is shown in the upper left corner of the screen.

Also you can attack the planes in the sky because it can attack you from above. Please note that you need to be careful because humans also have their powers. Be careful not to get hurt!

Some tips to play

  • To make a leap, you must first dive to a great depth and then quickly ascend.
  • To damage boats and other objects, you should jump on them.
  • You should try to lower the plane and drag them into the sea.

In addition to LA Shark game, you can also try to play hungry shark if you have time. Instead of attacking humans, you will attack different fish in the ocean. Play and compare which game you like best!

How to control

  • Skip to the end with E
  • Reboot with CHEAP
  • Bite with Ctrl or A
  • Control the fish with the arrow keys on your keyboard.