Math Puzzles

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Math Puzzles game information

Mathematics Puzzle is a mathematical thinking game suitable for students. Arrange the numbers and calculate them in the correct order to get the correct answer.

I am sure you will also enjoy in this game on our site. A math thinking game very suitable for kids and students. There will be enough easy addition, subtraction, multiplication and division puzzles in this game that any kid can figure it out. Your ability to solve the puzzles in this game while using a limited amount of movement will be tested against your math knowledge.

There are different problems in this game, when you answer correctly you will proceed to the next question. You need to keep in mind that you will be limited to moving between cells, so don't confuse too much, but calculate in advance in your head and start pressing to give the correct final result.

If you answer incorrectly, you can also play again. However no one wants this! Be the player with the highest score with the most correct answer. It's great to have your friends join and solve math problems together. Have fun playing games on our site!

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How to play

Use mouse and click to change cells.