Merge Pirates

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About Merge Pirates

Merge Pirates helps you test your intelligence against challenges. Gather groups of pirate ships of the same number to combine into more powerful ships. You will be able to command hexagonal pirate ships if you play this online game. At the bottom, there are multiple ships that can be purchased at once. Simply touching these boats will make them spin, which will change their position.

How to arrange the boats

There are 23 different hexagons that make up the playing field. You need to place boats on the board according to these certain configurations by dragging and dropping them. However, you are not allowed to place them in any random location. Instead, you'll need to choose a location where you can create trains with the same number.

There are a different number of people on each ship. The larger the number, the higher the ship's capabilities. When more than three ships of the same number are placed close to each other, the ship is considered to be one unit larger. Specifically, ships bearing the number 7 will bring an unexpected result when combined with other ships. They would suddenly be surrounded by a huge explosion leaving the area empty.

Raise your strength

The game grants you access to three different powerups: cannons, bombs, and tools. Each buff has its own effect, as well as its own damage.

Cannon used to assist in destroying a ship. To shoot a gun, you need to first click on the cannon, then click on the ship that you want to shoot. Bombs are a very effective means of destroying multiple ships with a single load. When compared to cannons, bombs are more destructive because they can take down a larger number of ships in one go. Since bomb targets are the ships with the least amount of dirt, using them can help you solve the problem of having too many ships on board.
Power-ups won't cause ships to be destroyed, but instead, they'll allow you to level up during your ship's evolution. If you know how to use it correctly, it will be of great help to you.

How to play the game

To complete the challenges in this puzzle game, all you need to do is use your mouse.