Metro 2033 Random Battles

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Metro 2033 Random Battles kicks into action and requires you to survive. Eliminate your enemies by using guns to shoot, killing those who stand in your way.

Join the frenzy to defend your own life. Heroes come under attack from a variety of enemies armed with a wide range of weapons. To defend yourself against the attack, get yourself armed with rifles, machine guns, buts lupite in combat, and grenades. Your character's ability to think quickly and move quickly will determine whether or not they will live.

To win, you'll need to wipe out all your opponents. You need to be skilled at gripping the weapon, and then put your finger on the trigger, continuing to shoot at the targets as they appear in front of you. If you want to be able to kill enemies with just your hand, you need to get as close to them as possible. Get your hands on the new weapons the wounded are clutching and put them to good use in the fight against your opponents.

There is only one rule to this shooting, and that rule is that you are required to kill anyone and everyone who stands in your path. You should start playing the game immediately to reduce your chances of being the last person left on the battlefield when the conflict is over. The game has the ability to keep players hooked for hours and extremely addictive. Are you prepared and ready to go to war? Have fun playing games on our site.

Control the game Metro 2033 Random Battles

  • Arrow or ASD key = move / cap / bow
  • Mouse = AIM / SHOT
  • F = use a weapon.