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Monkey Mart is a game that gives you an interesting business experience. Grow and manage your supermarket to grow and provide many good products to customers.

In this business management simulation, you take on the role of CEO of the company. In the context of this game, the player will take on the part of an adorable monkey who is in charge of a convenience store. Grow your own fruits and vegetables, then harvest them. Foods including bananas, corn, eggs, peanuts, coffee beans, chocolate, wheat, and more are grown specifically for the purpose of being sold commercially. The only thing you need to do to collect money from your customers is to stand near the cash register while they bring their items to you and wait for you there.

Grow your business model

At first, your store simply sold bananas, and not many customers came to buy. As your company grows into more aisles and you bring new products to market, you'll be able to hire assistants to help manage aisle maintenance and other employees. In addition, you will be able to recruit new employees. You also have the option of getting high quality equipment that is already harvested and ready to be sold to customers. As you progress through the game, it's important to ensure that you continue to level up your character management abilities, unlock new work stations, and teach your staff new abilities.

A few things to keep in mind

  • The monkeys put in a lot of effort, and as a result they got tired very soon. Help them stay awake!
  • You will need to invest a sufficient amount to be able to build a large number of new models. Check out all the necessary stalls that must be unlocked before you are allowed to open the next space in the store.
  • Once your company has reached a certain level of success and stability, you should consider expanding your business model by adding more locations. Now, Monkey Mart has expanded to include a third location.

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How to control the character in Monkey Mart

Do it with the mouse and you move your monkey with the arrow keys.