Monster Rush 1

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Monster Rush 1 is a fighting game Go through obstacles to collect monster balls as you engage in combat with the opponent waiting for you ahead.

In the world of monster creatures, which animal do you believe is the most formidable? You can fully explore the exciting world with your new monster companions as you race, overcome obstacles and collect monster balls along the way. It is necessary to capture and collect everything that can be found in Battle Monsters. Get ready for the monster slaying game you can play on our site by reading the necessary equipment. It will be more fun if you play this game with your friends and test your skills against each other.

Your mannequin is very cute, so help him, try to increase your strength because that's how you can fight. Use YOUR MOUSE and start taking him away now! Don't be the loser and then take your victory to confidently complete the other levels.

Then build your battle team, unlock the potential of your pocket monsters and work your way up to a legendary monster! In the action game, you will need to assemble your battle team before engaging in battle against other players who are also monster trainers.

Main features of the game

  • Accessory skins can be unlocked for in-game use
  • Stunning 3D visuals
  • Famous Monsters
  • Available for purchase on portable music players
  • Interesting goal

Game control

Players use their mouse to navigate and run to the Monster Arena, where they can capture monsters, add them to their team, and fight in battle.