MTB Hero

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Game Info MTB Hero

MTB Hero starts an exciting sport bike race. Your goal in the game is to compete and overcome challenges and opponents to reach the finish line first.

MTB Hero welcomes you to the most exciting car racing ever. Are you a lover of sports especially cycling. If so you can challenge your skills to complete every race that the game offers.

Choose the rider who will best represent your team in the downhill cycling tournament, which will be held on three different tracks. Remember that as you get closer to your opponent, you should slow down and rotate so you can easily move around them. The best way to have a good time is to get together with some of your best friends and take part in a fun game like this one. We've received great comments from some of the players who have participated in the game on our site and we hope that you enjoy it. If you are ready to get started, the time to do so has come!

If you want to increase your chances of earning a bronze, silver or gold medal, you should strive to complete each course in the shortest time possible. To make each of the following efforts much more successful, you need to earn money so you can improve your skills. If you want a chance to win all three gold medals, you should try to complete each course in the shortest amount of time possible.


  • Simple controls
  • 3D graphics, vivid and realistic
  • Upgrade your driving ability

How to control the car in the game

  • Use the A key or the left arrow key to tilt the car to the left.
  • Use the D key or the right arrow key to tilt the car to the right.