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Papa's Burgeria is the sequel to the popular game Papa Louie. You can choose the role you want to play and start managing your burger business.

Have you decided what role to play in this game? In this game you will be able to choose the role that you want to play. You can choose to play as Marty or Rita, as well as a supporting character. A cutscene will play for you whenever you start a new game, and it will provide a summary of Papa Burgeria's history during that time. Then you should start working at your own burger shop, which you can run and improve over time. You are responsible for everything, including taking orders, cooking food, and making sure customers are happy.

Your mission in the shop

At the beginning of the game, Papa's Burgeria will guide you through the process of making burgers and monetizing them in detail. You will receive detailed instructions on how to complete your first order, which you can then use for any such purchases you make in the future. Orders that require the fewest ingredients will be prioritized, followed by orders that require extra ingredients such as burgers, tomatoes, onions, sauces or condiments. If you don't pay attention to the customer's request, then you will find that they get frustrated. Your typical responsibilities will include confirming consumer orders, frying meats, and preparing burgers according to established procedures. You need to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the quality of the noodles received and does not have to wait too long.

It is your responsibility to pay attention to what the customer wants and prepare the burgers according to their instructions. Additionally, they will have special needs for their meat, which will require you to flip the meat over to ensure that it is cooked to the customer's liking. If anything seems to be missing, you might consider adding some onions, cheese, tomatoes, or other spices. At Papa's Burgeria, the amount of tips you earn depends on how well you complete your work.

Reasonable division of working time

As orders become more complex and the number of customers expands, you'll need to be more productive and understand how to properly time each order. To ensure that you get the highest potential tip from your clients, you need to map out a strategy to effectively align the multiple responsibilities assigned to you.

Refresh your store

You can use that money to upgrade your business. The choice of what to spend money on is completely up to you, but the game will give some suggestions. You will be given upgrade options after successfully completing each level. For example, spending money on a burger warmer can leave customers satisfied with the meal they ordered. Likewise, spending money on goods that improve the customer experience, such as TVs to help customers pass time while waiting, can also make customers happier. Since tips are not always easily earned, you should only use them for worthy efforts.

Old customer service

Papa has retained some of his potential customers. You will get this profile from him so you can predict the preferences of the people who will come back. Here's how to keep consumers coming back to your business while also building your store's reputation.

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How to play

To play, you can use the mouse.