Piano Tiles

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Piano Tiles is a game for those who love music. Join the game, you can test your hand coordination and reflexes, and become the best and fastest player.

About Piano Tiles

This entertaining game will keep you busy for hours with its amazing music and simple yet challenging gameplay. Fast fingers and musical rhythms are required. To ensure that the songs continue to play smoothly with each note, you must press each box before they disappear from the screen.

There are several game modes to choose from, each with its own difficulties, such as:

  • Classic
  • Arcade mode
  • Zen mode

Creator: Piano tiles are created by Hu Wen Zeng.

The tiles make great music when you touch them, with each tile creating a different tune. Rock, pop, and classical tunes are all available in the game's vast music library. With a black and white color scheme that allows players to focus entirely on the tiles, piano tiles are famous for their simple yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Rules of play

In this game you have to quickly tap the black squares while avoiding touching the white tiles. Players can listen to popular songs by tapping the colored tiles. The game is very simple but difficult later, with bricks getting faster as you pass the stages.

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How to play

You can use mouse to play, touch if playing on touch screen.