Puff Up

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About Puff Up

Puff Up is a fun online game with simple, addictive gameplay. Your main task is to help the ball reach the finish line by breaking the chain of balls.

This is a game that is rated and loved by many people on its website. Hope you will have a good time playing our game. In this game you have the ability to call out the specified number of balloons. It is necessary to maintain a long press on the screen to create bubbles. The number of balloons will continue to increase in size and number. Note that each yoke has a unique set of numbers. If the number on the ball is higher than the shackle, then you are free to continue. Of course, you'll need to keep an eye out for any challenges after that. Also, keep in mind that bubbles do not increase in size when they collide with an obstacle.

Some suggestions when playing

Keep tapping and holding the screen to make the balloons fly as big as possible. It's a lot less difficult because you don't have to match the balloons by number like in the 2048 game.
Now is the time to drop the ball accurately while avoiding all obstacles, otherwise the bubble will burst and you will have to play again.

Unlock new skins

By solving the game's puzzles, you can unlock various beautiful skins, and in doing so you'll be rewarded with new color effects and geometric patterns.

Score tracking

Can you finish the game with the highest possible score? Check the leaderboards and try to beat your friends' scores.

How to play Puff Up game?

Use the mouse to play.