Rainbow Friends Action Shooter

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Description Rainbow Friends Action Shooter

Rainbow Friends Action Shooter is a dramatic game. You play as a professional soldier who has perfect ownership of all guns to perform his duty. Your best friends in this incredible third-person shooter are precise and quick-thinking, so make sure you practice both! As an experienced soldier, you will use a wide range of weapons. A soldier preparing to use force will repeatedly fire his weapon at anyone who dares to block him. He is currently engaged in a dangerous mission, and to succeed he will require a reliable comrade. Are you ready to join this organization and turn into the scary monster that everyone is afraid of?

The more you can survive in the environment you're in and eliminate rainbow friends with your chosen weapon, the more coins you'll earn. This money can be used to increase your overall strength as well as buy more weapons from the main menu.

Since this is a first-person shooter, the view of the world will be yours. You should do all you can to hold on to the last minute, just like you should in previous third-person shooters. This time, however, you'll need to achieve this while avoiding the deadliest of enemies.

Control the character in the game Rainbow Friends Action Shooter

To move, you need to use the arrow keys, aim and shoot with the mouse, disable special abilities with the E button, and reload your weapon with the R button.

Enjoy friends shooting action with your friends in your free time is the most fun and enjoyable way to enjoy. I hope you enjoy this game and follow our website to play more new games, more genres as we update every day!