Ropeman 3D

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Info game Ropeman 3D

Ropeman 3D is a fascinating game. Use your powerful hands to control everything around you, escape the onslaught of enemies and protect the city.

The brave hero known as Ropeman assists the authorities in their fight against crime. Today, he has to go to an important job, and he will count on your help. Are you ready to go with him? At the moment you start, the image of your character in the game who will then be positioned in a certain position, will appear on the screen now in front of you. In the distance, you will see an armed man standing in front of you. Let's start for this new quest now!

How to play in Ropeman 3D?

You can use a mouse or a touch device to throw ropes at the villain. Once the target has been selected, a click will be performed. Then the villain must be eliminated by another method.

In addition, you can defeat multiple enemies at once using different strategies and other tools. For instance, helicopters and bombs are both great options! Every time you complete a level, you will get money. The enemy will be destroyed if you hit him, and you will get points for this success. The rope will allow you to get the weapon if you miss the target so you can try again.

Tips to conquer Ropeman 3D

  • To complete each level, shoot hooks and drag helicopters, structures or even enemy troops, then throw them at each other.
  • Prepare an attack to quickly eliminate the villains. You'll need to quickly eliminate the villains as each new level presents its own set of obstacles.
  • To stop the bad guys from killing you, practice hand-eye coordination by hooking up the bad guys! Your quick thinking will face new problems with each new stage.
  • And moreover you can also improve things. When you have enough money, you can buy more items from the in-game shop. To access the following rewards, don't forget to collect keys!