Sift Heads World

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Learn the game Sift Heads World

Sift Heads World is an online action series. Fight your enemies against the backdrop of exciting adventures set in a world of crime and intrigue.

As you play Sift Heads World, you'll engage in intense gunfights, move through immersive settings, and use your strategic abilities to eliminate targets and complete objectives. The game gives you access to a wide selection of weapons, upgrades and abilities, all of which improve your fighting skills and make each mission a whole lot more enjoyable. You will play as a talented assassin named Vinnie, and you will embark on perilous journeys, face mighty enemies and uncover an intriguing plot full of twists and turns.

Main content and your mission

Vinnie, a brave and ferocious bounty hunter, is joined by his colleague, Kiro, as well as his lover, Shorty. Before you can begin your journey, you will have to make a decision about which of the three characters to choose to play.

The notorious Italian mobster Alonzo, who is responsible for the plot to kill Vinnie. It's time for you to put an end to, once and for all, the criminal group you once joined. Enter the city to search for clues, kill all enemies, engage in chats with the people you meet along the way, buy weapons and much more.

You'll have to stop in front of Alonzo, regardless of whether you're tracking Vinnie on his classic sports bike, Shorty on her nimble city bike, or Kiro racing out on a sport bike his.

How to play

The mouse can be used to aim and shoot, and the spacebar can be used to draw weapons.