Skateboard Challenge

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About Skateboard Challenge

Skateboard Challenge begins the challenge for those who love skateboarding. Start your journey with Jeff through each level to show off your skills.

A man named Jeff loves skateboarding. You will join him in the brand new and thrilling game that has just been released on our website. This is a really exciting sporting event that offers a lot of fun and excitement.

Main goal of the game

Help your character achieve his goal of becoming a master skater. You will be able to watch your character, who will be walking along one of the city streets while holding his skateboard in front of you as he appears on the screen in front of you. He will board the skateboard at the signal, and after going fast, he will continue to move forward with increasing speed.

The object of the game is to achieve the required score at the end of each level by accumulating letters that spell 'S-K-A-T-E' and 'C-O-M-B-O' respectively. When behind the wheel, you should stay away from activities that could put your life in danger. It is likely that your score can be significantly improved by using rails in a tactical way in conjunction with your activities.

Collect coins and increase score

Your goal in each run is to collect as many coins as you can to get a high score and travel the required distance to move to the next level. Also, try to collect all the letters that can be used to form words at the top of the screen. This will make it easier for you to accumulate cash as you will be able to earn more points and get bonus like magnets. You will need money to go to many places that your character can reach. By purchasing coins from the game's store, players can enhance both their skateboards and their individual skills in the game.

Challenge each level

In addition, difficulties will appear on the way. There will be some tough challenges to take on in each stage. You will need to click on the screen to make your hero jump on his skateboard and as a result soar into the air and overcome these obstacles. The challenges presented at each successive level will become more and more difficult while expanding in scope and variety.

How to play

  • Press the Z key to kickflip
  • Press the C key for the heel
  • Press the X key for Indy to get press space for Ollies
  • In case you are landing on rails, push down will result in nose slip, left landing will result in 5-0 collision and right landing will result in nose slip.