Snow Fun

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About Snow Fun

Snow Fun needs you to clear the snow by controlling and rolling the snowballs up and down. Are you ready to do meaningful things to make the city more beautiful?

Invest time and energy into growing your own snow removal business so you can become the dominant player in the industry. As we approach the new year, the task becomes more and more difficult to survive in the very low temperatures and constant snowfall we are experiencing. By rotating the shovel in different directions, you can clear your yard and see your surroundings more clearly. Start doing your meaningful work, work hard to earn enough, then invest that money in the future so you can improve your living situation and advance in your career sooner.

Planning work in Snow Fun

If you plan ahead and organize your jobs according to specific plans so that they clear all the large piles of snow at once, you will be rewarded with extra points. As a result, you will be able to get the job done in a much shorter amount of time. Once you have completed the phased cleanup of the project area and made sure that there are no more frozen puddles, the level will be considered completed and you will receive a success message.

Upgrade your work

It is recommended to purchase enhancements between levels to better prepare for the next demanding job and to be able to take on more difficult tasks in general. If you want to continue serving the residents of your town through the winter, you should move your company from the gardens to the parks in the vicinity. This will allow you to better meet their needs.

How to play Snow Fun?

You just need to use the mouse to join the game. Click around to start clearing the snow.