Stickman Execution

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About Stickman Execution

Stickman Execution is a terrible torture and murder game for people who like good challenges and action. Do everything you can to stop a heavy drug addict.

The game is both fun and bloody and produced by FraserKaye. The graphics of this game are extremely unique and realistic that will draw players into this story. Since this is a flash game, you can experience it in your browser.

Perform your tasks

You have a total of 14 options to choose from to end the existence of stick people in this game. Just make your selection, then watch the stickman get killed by the acid or get shot dead by a bullet from a pistol. You are free to go back and review anything if you find that you like it. You can even choose to exit the fight and return to the menu to choose a more gruesome way to end your opponent's life.

The two engage in an engaging discussion right before the attack, so there's going to be some funny stories going on. You have the option of using a gun, sword, stick bomb or acid to put an end to your stickman. How can you start a conversation with someone by telling them they're about to be tasked or knocked unconscious at any moment? Watch how they bet on each other's lives, then wait and find out what the outcome is.

How to play Stickman Execution?

You can use mouse to play this game.

Some tips when playing

  • On the game screen, you have the option to turn the sound on or off.
  • You have the option to play this game in full screen mode.