Subway FPS

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About Subway FPS

Subway FPS is a game played from a first-person perspective. By taking down your opponents one by one to increase your chances of surviving the onslaught.

I hope you enjoy yourself in this fascinating game. You will need to arm yourself and go into more dangerous parts of the city to fight terrorist organizations. This challenging first-person shooter lets you explore the maze layout of subway stations, see how far you can go without getting hit, and defend yourself against waves of enemies. Do everything you can to keep your neighborhood safe!

Your main mission in the game

Take on the role of a national army and clean up metro stations occupied by individuals posing the greatest risk to the general population. Since you already have a weapon before the game starts, you can immediately focus on hunting down enemies rather than finding more firepower. Because it can give you an edge when playing against other players. Check your live environment very carefully and try to determine if someone is shooting at you. Always keep moving as it will be much easier for your opponent to target their attack on someone who is standing still. Crawl behind the pillars for cover while you keep an eye out for openings to engage the terrorists. Ignoring them is another choice you have.

Make your shots, then retreat into cover to reload your weapon, and repeat this process as many times as needed until the enemy is destroyed. Locate any and all possible hazards, deal with them one by one until the current wave is over, then prepare for the next wave. To accomplish your goal, you'll need to check out the lower floors, buy medical kits to heal yourself, and pass the levels. Keep improving your aiming skills to break your own records in the near future.

How to play Subway FPS?

  • The arrow keys can be used to navigate the environment, the spacebar can be used to jump, pressing the R key will make you run, you can use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use the WASD keys to reload your weapon.
  • Keep an eye on new guns, enhancements, and ammunition so you can maintain your edge in any situation.