Survivor In Rainbow Monster

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Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a suspense game. You need to escape from different monsters in a sequence of five consecutive days, escaping their pursuit. You take on the role of a kidnapped character while visiting your classmate's Spooky Park in the video game Survivor In Rainbow Monster. Right after you're captured, you'll begin spending the next five nights in an alien region completely devoid of life other than you and the Rainbow Monster. This challenge will start when you get caught.

There are five nights, and each night has its own goal or quest that you need to accomplish while avoiding the Rainbow Monster. You must do this while staying away from the Rainbow Monster.

  • Night 1: Find the blocks
  • Night 2: Let's feed the monsters
  • Night 3: Participating in machine repair
  • Night 4: Light up your room
  • Night 5: A mysterious night

Command the Crew among us and try to survive the encounter with the monster that is currently in the room with you. To complete each level, you must first jump into the exit after collecting all the coins needed to open it, then you must jump into the exit itself. Test your mettle and see if you have what it takes to overcome this challenge!

You will have to face the following monsters:

  • Blue Rainbow Monster: This is the scariest of all the monsters in the rainbow game. You can hear stomping and laughter coming from all over the map as he searches for you. He won't try to hide himself by hiding in boxes or lockers and will chase you. The green creatures are always on the lookout for danger. However, because they are blind, the most effective way to avoid encountering one of these animals is to make as little noise as possible to humans.
  • Orange Rainbow Monster: You must ensure that the Orange Monster is always fed to prevent them from roaming and playing. You're in luck because an orange line will appear indicating where the Orange Monster will patrol. This will give you enough time to get out of the way if you see one of them approaching.
  • Purple Rainbow Monster: If you want to avoid encountering the Purple Monster, all you have to do is pay attention to the vents and make sure to keep an eye out for them. You are free to continue walking without risk if you cannot see your eyes or hands sticking out.

Some reminders for you

In Survivor In Rainbow Monster, to be a survivor you need to pay attention not only to your surroundings but also to the noises going on. You need to stay alert because monsters can suddenly appear.

If you detect any sounds or images, you should quickly run away or find a place to hide. If you encounter any enemies or feel danger approaching, the game will give you a different number of hiding spots in each different environment.

How to play

Move around using WASD or arrow keys or just touch the screen to play.