Tactical Assassin

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Tactical Assassin is an intense sniper game. By thoroughly understanding the task assigned to you, you can identify specific targets that need to be destroyed.

Play the Tactical Assassin game with a level of tension and drama you may have never felt before. Develop yourself into the most skilled and professional sniper possible and start eliminating your opponents now.

Your goal when playing the game

In this game, you will play as a top assassin and also a skilled sniper. You will be assigned a task and have to complete it yourself. Reading the task description carefully can help you avoid completing the goal prematurely. Use caution, as there are several ways the quest can be ruined. Simply clicking the arrow will take you to the exercise description. It is essential that you achieve both your primary and secondary goals. You will be given an objective description so that you can be confident that you are not randomly killing people from the outside.

Establish an action plan

If you try to do your task hastily, without careful consideration, you will fail. Reach your goals while you're on board, whether it's beating Embassy officials or agency stats. To stay focused on your goal, you may sometimes be asked to move quickly. Are you ready to take part in this dangerous shooting mission?

How to control your character?

  • To access the summary, use the arrow keys.
  • To start the mission, use Arrow Keys.
  • Mouse pointer = target.
  • Left click = shoot.