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Learn about Tetris

Tetris is a familiar classic game. You will arrange blocks of different shapes and improve your score by filling the horizontal row, then make various levels.

This age old arcade puzzle game has been updated to make it much simpler to play. This game is perfect for meeting old friends and engaging in friendly competition for high scores. You can compete with other players in Tetris as it is not just a single player game. Your opponent will usually be punished if you complete four horizontal rows with a single block. This is because doing so is considered a winning move in the game.

Complete the main quest in Tetris

You can make the blocks appear at the top of the screen as you like by moving them left or right and rotating them as needed. Only when you successfully complete an entire horizontal row will it disappear and give you breathing space. Even if there is a completely empty cell, it will be placed there as if it were waste, obstructing the exit.

The building blocks are called tetrominos because each block consists of exactly four squares that have been placed in such a way that they can link together and form the recognizable forms we anticipate while playing the game. You can complete all levels if you have quick reflexes and only use the arrow keys.

However, please note that as you move, the parts will rise and fall at an increasingly faster rate. Don't waste your time, join now to challenge yourself through this game. I am sure that you will love and enjoy this game because of the drama when participating in the game. With Tetris we hope you really feel the greatness and fun of it. For more exciting new experiences you can also play some games like hungry shark, Willow Pond to double your fun.

How to play

  • You can use the arrow keys to move or rotate the block.
  • Use the down arrow to accelerate the falling block faster.