Tunnel Dash

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About Tunnel Dash

Tunnel Dash is a free online game. Accompanying the character is the mouse, which controls his car to move on the underground road in the safest way. Moles are animals that can live in the soil, and to do so, they tunnel from place to place, building huge galleries. The main character in the realm of the mole is called Moletwon, responsible for linking all the houses of the mole.

Moley invites you to take the wheel and drive with him. To get the maximum score possible, you need to move through the tunnels, collect larvae and avoid being trapped. How long can you go? Is there an obstacle you can't jump over? Will you reach the maximum speed possible? Discover the answers in this amazing new game now available on our website!

Drive through challenges

In this game, Moley will steer his classic British car through a network of underground passages in his secret lair. If you want him to jump with the car, you will have to touch the screen, this is also an action you must perform if you want to continue forward in the game. The road is now available in a number of different levels, and if you hit the ground while driving on it, that level will be considered a failure.

Increase your score

Be wary of other challenges, but make it a priority to collect as many insects, worms, and other similar creatures as possible. These creatures are food for mole rats, so the more of them you bring back, the higher your score. more outstanding than.

How to play

Use the mouse to play, click the screen to get the car up high and jump over the cracked ramps.