Water Pipe

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Introduction to the game Water Pipe

Water Pipe is a fun game, join and challenge your skills. Your goal in this game is to set up the pipes so that they can provide a constant flow.

To be successful you will need solid logical thinking skills as well as excellent eyesight. The water pipes have been moved out of place and you need to find out where they are. Because each tube is divided into a large number of smaller sections, you will need to search carefully to locate the exact location. In addition, time spent in sorting is limited, meaning you need to act quickly and make sure that everything is done correctly.

Since the pipes have been cut into so many small parts, re-assembled them correctly will require a lot of patience on your part. In addition, there are too many pipelines that have been brought out, which needs careful planning to organize. A simple misalignment of a pipe can lead to a dead end situation. In addition, the game will also help you divert from your thoughts by rearranging the auxiliary pipes. You will need to investigate the plumbing to determine the most appropriate travel route. So playing this game can help you train your patience and logical thinking.

Pipes must be properly arranged

A 4x6 grid will be created from the pipes, with each cell in the grid representing a different part of the water pipe. To rotate the pipes, you will need to use your mouse to click on them. The water pipes will move from left to right as part of the rotation. You will continuously rotate the pipes to create a single continuous pipe. You will only have ten seconds to complete the task, and after those ten seconds, the water will begin to flow on its own. You cannot let water loss happen at any cost.

How to Play: Instructions for playing the game are shown below the screen. To spin the water pipe, use YOUR MOUSE.