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About Woobies

Woobies is an addictive game with excellent 3D graphics. The player's mission is suitable for explosives to explode cotton monsters and rescue them from danger.

Wooobies online game requires players to complete each level before the allotted time expires. To destroy all the cotton monsters, the player needs to shoot at them. An army of gorgeous, cuddly and fuzzy people is waiting for you to save them from the crusher so they can be reunited with their families. Put each creature in a group with others of the same color. If there are more than three wooobies, they will gladly rest for it and stay away from danger.

This is the popular bubble shooter game from 2014! To break these lovely colored balls, shoot each pair of three balls. We recommend this game as it is super simple to play and has pretty good music if you are looking for a fun bubble shooter that will keep you busy for a while.

Woobies in this game have a shape consisting of a lot of feathers, did you know that? They are biological animals that like to stack. There are 31 levels that make up the game. Start simple with 3 woobie colors. To create an explosive combination, score multiple combinations in a row. As a result you will get a ball that can destroy everything in its path.

Use caution to remove the balls at the bottom to avoid losing one of your original three lives if the puppets fall to the ground. A little new color will be visible in each level. Getting every woobie into a warm, safe environment before time runs out is your mission.

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Control game

Can be played with the mouse. AIM + START